Waxing & Threading

Waxing & Threading

Radiant Skin Care Spa has all your hair removal needs. We offer the best waxing and threading services in the city.

Waxing is a popular hair removal technique that removes hair straight from the root. Waxing allows 2-4 weeks before general hair growth returns (exact time varies with each individual).

Threading is a famous method of hair removal that uses a cotton thread to remove hair from the follicle. Threading allows more more preciseness when shaping eyebrows than waxing.


Eyebrows, $10
Lip, $7
Brow & Lip, $15
Chin, $7 & up
Side burn, $10 & up
Neck, $10
Full Face, $30
Underarm, $10
Half arms, $20
Full arms, $30
Half legs, $30
Full legs, $60 & up
Bikini, $35 & up
Brazilian full, $50 & up
Brazilian partial, $40 & up
Full Body Wax, $170 & up
Men full arm, $40 & up
Men Chest, $50 & up
Men Back, $50 & up
Men Brazilian, $75 & up


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